How to Install Faux Stone Veneer

Installing faux stone veneer is something that many might do in order to improve any part of your home. It’s versatile and doesn’t require a ton of work. This article will show you the exact steps that you will need to take to install faux stone veneer.

The first, is to prepare and layer the scratch coat.  This is done by choosing a masonry surface to apply it to.  If you’re working with one that isn’t masonry, you should surround the area around the surface with a water barrier.  If you’re doing an exterior application, do a vapor barrier, and typically this is something that it comes with, so you just peel the outer area back to show the surface. You should make sure you know where you want it, and if you’re doing this inside, you don’t need a vapor barrier most of the time.  You should then create a barrier of the 18 gauge metal lath once you’ve put in the vapor barrier.  You should space them in about 6 inch intervals.


Once that’s done, you create a scratch coat with the mortar. It’s made by mixing 3 parts sand with 1 part cement and then putting water on it.  You should follow the instructions given regardless. You can then cover the entire surface of the lath as well.  Then, before it dries, you should scrape some horizontal little grooves into the scratch coat using a metal scraper. Let it set to cure and then you can put on the faux stone veneer.


Next, you install the stone.  To do this, mix the mortar again with the same instructions for the scratch coat. You should mix it for about 5 minutes or so. You should make sure it has the consistency of about mashed potatoes.  Once that’s done, you can then put the layout of the stones on the wall. You might want to configure this before placement, because you won’t have to spend time trimming things later. You can typically do a dry run on the ground to help determine the arrangement and then transfer to the actual stone.


Then, you should take a trowel edge to trim the stones into the shape you want them. They are typically very easy, and most of the time you can hide the edges so it doesn’t have to be perfectly rounded.  Then, you should clean off the stones and dry them fast so that you don’t have to wait too long. You can then back butter the mortar to the back, put them up, and then proceed to layer.


Faux stone can make any sort of home look great, and it’s often an item that many might use. This chapter showed you how to install this, and as you can see it is a type of installation that is both simple, effective, and at the end of the day, not so bad to put in once you have the initial work started on this.